Friday, November 12, 2010

Who'll Take Part In Madeleine Reconstruction?

May 15, 2008
By Crime correspondent Martin Brunt
Will they, won't they go to back to Praia da Luz for the reconstruction?

A call from Portugal tells me the McCanns' lawyer has said the couple are now prepared to take part in a re-enactment of the night Madeleine disappeared.

But the McCanns' spokesman, Clarence, says they are still considering the "request" from the Portuguese police and their legal man in Lisbon has been misquoted.

They still want their arguido status lifted, but would go back if ordered to.

Anything to help the investigation, he says.

But if they have a choice, they don't see the point in a reconstruction that would not be televised as an appeal for information.

He says the detectives turned down that idea months ago.

And, says a friend, no one has bothered to consider the emotional impact on Kate who would find it difficult to watch a young girl playing her missing daughter.

It's unlikely to happen unless everyone agrees to return, including the Tapas 7, some of whom have reservations after twice being quizzed over the events of that night.

Apparently, a third date for the reconstruction has been scheduled, but what's the point if the protagonists are not there?

It was to have been before the year's anniversary, then this week, now the May 30.