Friday, November 19, 2010

Bring Elizabeth / Madeleine home

The original website called 'Bring Madeleine home'  Ed Smarts book 'bringing Elizabeth home'

The McCanns changed their web page to 'find Madeleine' as it looked a little too obvious maybe?

Quote from comments section...

The family makes it clear that they chose to write this book so that all of the misinformation about the kidnapping can be cleared up once and for all.

I think this is what we will be hearing from the McCanns in the not too distant future. The Smarts, their template.

Madeleine McCann's Website Gets Over 50 Million Hits

A website was set up to help find Madeleine McCann, the four-year-old British girl who disappeared on a family holiday 15 days ago in Portugal. The website,, has already received more than

 50 million hits, according to Reuters .The website was set up to help find the missing child, who disappeared from her bedroom at a hotel resort on May 3rd while her parents dined close by.

Over 7,500 people have left messages of support and concern.

Thousands of people have been doing their best to help out the case by downloading appeal posters and by forwarding an email chain letter that the little girl's family started.

"It is booming," said Calum MacRae, who is the director of the company behind the site. "We didn't expect this number of people. We had 10 million hits between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Thursday -- our server just gave up, but we resolved that within five minutes", according to Reuters .

The website www.bringmadeleinehome was changed to on Wednesday.

Many people from all over the world have left messages of prayer and support on the website.

"You are in my thoughts every day," wrote Heidi from Finland. "I pray that she will be found soon safe and well." Debbie Bates, from Australia, wrote: "As a mother of two, I cannot imagine for a moment what you are going through", according to Reuters .

Kate and Gerry McCann are taking strength from the messages, according to family member Michael Wright.

"Their purpose is to turn hope into action," he said on Thursday. "We want everyone to have an image of Madeleine in whatever country in Europe they visit", according to Reuters .

On Saturday at the English FA Cup final between Manchester United and Chelsea at London's Wembley Stadium, a video appeal will be shown with hopes of finding the little girl.

Unfortunately, there is no evidence for the Portuguese police to make any arrests at this time.