Sunday, November 14, 2010

Brown and Socrates

20 October 2007
Madeleine McCann Case
The conversation between Gordon Brown and José Sócrates, referred to the day before yesterday by the British Prime Minister in a press conference after the EU Summit in Lisbon, is causing discomfort within the PJ and the magistrate. There are many voices criticizing what looks to be political pressure on a judicial means, even though various sources guarantee that absolutely no special indication [pressure] has been placed on the Judiciary with the last hours by the office of the Justice Ministry.
Police sources explain the government intervention with the fact that the case has political contours in England, as opposed to our country, where the story has always been a police matter. Which, in fact, has always been apparent since the first hour, a hypothesis founded on the dispatch of Clarence Mitchell to Portugal at the time when he was one of Gordon Brown’s right-arms in the opposition.
Afterwards, in the midst of his campaign as Prime Minister, Gorden [sic] Brown also used the McCann case as a political flag, making support for the couple public and noteworthy. A situation which continued during the first months and resulted in several heads of States, including the Pope, to officially receive the parents of the British girl.
The hypothesis of the parent’s involvement has become uncomfortable for the British, who prefer to prepare the public opinion for a possible about-face. Which could explain the reason, according to sources contacted by CM, that the English Prime Minister asked José Sócrates [to ensure] that the analysis results were not known in advance in Portugal.
The English “instruction��?will go, as well, to Alípio Riberio, PJ Director. He will have ordered the investigators sent to the Algarve [to exercise] utmost discretion in the investigations, in order to avoid the information leaks of the past.
Again according to what CM could discover, the Lisbon investigators continue to re-read the process, trying to find open points in the investigation and new angles to pursue.