Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Brian Kennedy: Weatherseal and Everest:

QUOTE: Have been told that lots of people in Shetland had loads of problems with them as well and they were eventualy chased off the island. Lots of complaints were listed in The Shetland Times i am led to believe.

Quote:  Please remember too that Weatherseal & Everest are the SAME company.
The sales people are all trained to behave the same way, so don't let them near the poor man's house either.
Being commission based, any of these sales people would sell him a conservatory on stilts on an upstairs bedroom, or even a patio door on the roof, cause that's how they make their money, a sale at any cost, from anybody, at any time...!!!

QUOTE :My advice would be to not use these companies at all. See if someone you trust can recommend a local contractor and get a quote from them, I'd stay away from the likes of weatherseal, everest etc. Their selling tactics are nothing short of harrassment.

Old habits die hard : Looks like Kennedy has been using some of his harrassment' sales tactics' on a few witnesssess even if he no longer owned the company...Paul Anthony Gordon for starters !